Moving at the speed of innovation to drive your business forward

Location-based intelligence can drive business innovation – incorporating mapping into proprietary software, selecting the optimal location for facilities, enabling more efficient routing and tracking of vehicles, and managing mobile and distributed assets.

Our deep geospatial experience and expertise means we understand the complexity – and power – that comes from adding mapping to your business operations and software. With interactive maps accessible from any device on the Web, your business can harness that power to impact your customers, your processes, and your bottom line.

How can AppGeo location-based intelligence help you?

  • Identify optimal facility siting
  • Implement accurate and efficient mileage expense tracking and reimbursement
  • Determine most efficient distance and direction to markets or customers served
  • Improve management and deployment of vehicles in the field
  • Integrate workforce deployment with multi-modes of transportation and maps
  • Geo-enable proprietary software and systems